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JAKCOM HC2S Wireless Heating Cup

JAKCOM HC2S Wireless Heating Cup

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JAKCOM HC2S Wireless Heating Cup Set New Electric Kettles Match to turkish tea kettle 1 litre programmable timer best canada

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JAKCOM HC2S Wireless Heating Cup Set Price

Quantity FOB Price
Sample 14.30 usd/pc
10+pcs 12.90 usd/pc
100+pcs 11.90 usd/pc
1000+pcs 10.90 usd/pc
3000+pcs 10.60 usd/pc
JAKCOM HC2S Product Description


  • JAKCOM HC2s Wireless Heating Cup Set
    Wireless heating | 1Kw/h warm 3days | 18W Wireless Quick Charge


  • Wireless heating, safe and reliable
    JAKCOM HC2s can keeps warm the drink in the cup via wireless power supply, insulation guaranteed in the whole process, safe and reliable.




  • Quick heating inside the cup, no risk of scalding outside the cup
    JAKCOM HC2s receives electric energy at a distance by using the high efficient magnetic conductive module at the inner side of the cup bottom.
    The core heat source is inside the cup and normal temperature maintained outside the cup, without the risk of scalding.




  • 1Kw/h warm 3days
    The maximum power consumed by JAKCOM HC2s for heating is merely 18W, it can keep warm a cup of drink to 55℃ for a long time,
    only 1 Kw/h of electricity can preserve heat for 3 days and 3 nights.




  • Qi wireless standards, new play of mobile phone wireless charger
    The built-in wireless charger meets Qi wireless charging standard and supports QC3.0 quick charge protocols, it can provide 18W fast charging for mobile phones.


  • Full-time protection, whole-process secure
    Equipped with a high-precision detection chip, which can monitor operation status and provide electricity protection throughout the whole process.


  • Simple and easy to use, suitable for anybody
    JAKCOM HC2s Cup adopts integrated cast forming, without button on the entire body,
    it begins heating after putting on the wireless charger and stops after taking away, it is simple and easy to use, with zero cost in learning and using.




  • Good drink should be tasted slowly
    Applicable to any drink, such as milk, coffee, tea, sweet water and oats, taste good drink slowly, without the concern of cup cooling.




  • Simple and elegant Chinese ceramic
    JAKCOM HC2s Cup is made of No.1 white pottery fired at 1350℃ in Dehua, China.
    The inner cup is covered by multiple layers of lanolin glaze, which will not be sticky with tea residue or tainted by other odor, and becomes clean with one wash.
    The external cup is covered by black and white matte stone glaze, the corners are mellow and full, the tone is simple, new mark of minimal art.




  • Simple and beautiful design
    The built-in wireless charging pad is made of protein silica gel with comfortable touch on the surface, which is matched up with aluminum body processed by cutting and abrasive blasting.
    Two colors of cowhide black and Macaroon white are available.


  • Plug of multi standards, usable anywhere
    JAKCOM HC2s provides Chinese, American, European, British and other multi-standard plugs, and supports AC100-240V wide voltage input and is applicable to voltage standards worldwide


  • Parameters and details
    Cup material: Ceramics
    Cup size:115mm x 95mm x 105mm
    Cup weight:366.5g
    Cup volume:400ML
    Wireless charging Size:100mm x 100mm x 6mm
    Wireless charging Weight:54g
    Accessories: Ceramic cup,Ceramic cup cover,Ceramic spoon,Wireless charger pad,Quick charging cable(1m), USB charging plug,instruction book
    Constant temperature:55℃
    Wireless standard:Qi EPP




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About Packing

  • JAKCOM HC2S Wireless Heating Cup Set Packaging Details:
    Inner White Box: Unit G.W is about 611g, Unit Size is 16.8cm x 16.8cm x 11.4cm;
    Outer Brown Box: Unit G.W is about 9835g, Unit size is 53cm x 29cm x 37cm , Max with 15 pcs.


    JAKCOM HC2S Wireless Heating Cup Set New Electric Kettle

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