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Bandary Home Tuya Smart Programmable Room Wifi Smart Thermostat

Bandary Home Tuya Smart Programmable Room Wifi Smart Thermostat

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Bandary FC610 Circle rotatable Dual-Ring design temperature fan speed adjustment smart air conditioner thermostat -- DO3RAO2V

FC610 is a digital thermostat with internet and stylish appearance, which can be operated more convenient with 360 degree freewheeling button to choose the menu option, as well as add or reduce the setting temperature as your requirements. This room operating unit for temperature measurement with set point adjustment, fan speed, LCD display, integrated heating/ Cooling controller and digital inputs for window contacts, room card contacts( OCC), dew points detection and analogue, replay output for control valves. Designed for control 2-pipe or 4-pipe fan coil and air conditioner.
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